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30 Mar

Hospitable Shekvetili

The Shekvetili is located on the Black Sea coast, at the mouth of the River Natane. The village is part of the Natane administrative unit.


The history of Shekvetili is known from the eighteenth century. Here was the frontier fortification fortress

Mamia Gurieli later built a new castle and called it the name of St. Nicholas, which was destroyed by the Bolsheviks in 1920.

The local fighters repulsed the opponent’s heavy strikers several times.

Shekvetili is a neighboring village of Adjara. He is close to other resorts. Accordingly, you can visit Ureki, Kobuleti and Batumi easily.

“Black sea Arena” is a card of the Shekvetili. World famous singers’ tours are the necessary stopping

Miniature park

Park “Tsitsinatela”

Singers sculptures

And of course the Black Sea

This is Shekvetili that you must see.

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